Hoos Connected Clinical Internship

Hoos Connected Clinical Internship

Are you interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology? Are you excited at the prospect of doing clinical work, but wish you could get more hands-on experience to help you learn more? Have you ever considered becoming a Hoos Connected facilitator?

"For the first time ever, Hoos Connected is offering a 3-week, intensive clinical internship. We are seeking motivated and compassionate psychology majors to join us this July at the University of Virginia. 

What is Hoos Connected? 

Led by two trained facilitators, Hoos Connected brings together groups of 5-10 students to engage in activities and dialogue that highlight what brings us together, what can keep us apart, and how these things manifest in UVA’s social culture. Groups meet weekly during the academic year as part of a 1-credit course for group members (PSYC 1020), and facilitators receive graded course credit for their time, skill, and leadership (PSYC 3991). 

What does the internship entail? 

  • This internship is different from any training opportunity Hoos Connected has offered before. In three short weeks, you’ll: 
  • Learn everything you’ll need to be ready to facilitate a group of your own in the Fall ‘22 semester
  • Work closely with program creators in a highly personal and interactive environment alongside a small group of other dedicated students
  • Gain invaluable interpersonal and leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of the field of clinical psychology
  • Some of the skills you’ll acquire: Group regulation, vulnerable leadership, reflective listening, perspective-taking, individual-level and group-level conceptualization skills, responding to intense emotion, and more!

Here’s what you need to know:

When: July 11th - July 29th 2022
Meets on weekdays from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 
Where: In-person at UVA 
Led by: Dr. Alison Nagel (agn3f@virginia.edu)

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Hoos Connected Clinical Internships! When are not accepting applications for the internship at this time.